interactive simulations & educational software

profile was founded in 2004 by Sven Lochmann and is offering:

// interactive technical and natural scientific simulations

// technical and natural scientific animations

// educational software and digital serious games

Our reputation has been built upon professionalism and personal commitment for bigger budgets as well as smaller projects. Only with close collaboration and a high attention to detail we are meeting our high expectations in creating compelling and individual solutions.

We are providing consultancy, design and implementation as a one-stop service provider based on:

// many years of experience in developing interactive digital applications for a broad range of use (terminals, interactive kiosk, CD/DVD, WWW).

// a broad customer base (art, culture, natural science, museums, museum education services, publishing companies, schools, marketing companies, etc.).

We are well connected and offer the option to cooperate with professional and experienced partners (authors, photographers, illustrators, programmer, writers, etc.).

Sven Lochmann / references